Silt Prevention
One of the most common forms of water pollution is suspended sediments.
Rain / Storm water run off from exposed soil is a significant and frequently underestimated source of water pollution. Activities such as clearing, excavation and grading, leaves exposed soil highly susceptible to weather erosion, potentially causing water pollution.

Used as a barrier to protect water courses either directly alongside rivers, streams and lakes etc. or alternatively to protect Storm and other drainage systems. Straw Wattles are a cost effective, environmentally friendly and highly versatile option in the prevention of Silt pollution.

Envirowattle Straw Wattles can provide an effective Silt barrier in many applications such as:

Main water course, Drain inlets, Stock Piles, Wash Down areas, Compounds, Service roads, Footpaths and main site perimeter etc...

Key Points
  • Creating a direct or indirect barrier adjacent to Rivers, Streams and Lakes etc..
  • Providing drain inlet protection
  • Directing runoff water to retention and detention devices
As an alternative to existing silt prevention products, Straw Wattles have many distinct advantages:
  • Install more easily, particularly in shallow soils and rocky material
  • Are more adaptable to slope applications and contour installations
  • Blend in with the landscape and are less obtrusive
  • Perimeter protection
  • Do not obstruct seed applications
  • May be removed or left in place following establishment of vegetation
Straw Wattles can also function as vegetative filters by promoting plant growth within the Straw Wattle.