Erosion Control
Wherever bare soil is exposed to erosion, Straw Wattles can be an important system for soil stabilization, sediment retention and vegetation establishment.
Straw Wattles help to stabilize slopes by shortening the slope length and there by slowing, spreading and filtering overland water flow. This helps to prevent sheet erosion as well as gully formation which occurs when water run-off flows uninterrupted down a slope.

Rainwater carries sediment and seeds off slopes, as it gathers speed, Straw Wattles reduce the velocity and capture the sediment, holding on site and enabling seeds to settle and germinate, aiding the re-vegetation process.

In addition, by filtering overland water flow and holding sediment on the slope, Straw Wattles help to protect lakes, ponds, rivers and streams from sediment pollution.

Key Points

As a functional alternative to existing erosion control products, Straw Wattles have several distinct advantages:
  • Light weight and easy to handle on site. A 6m wattles weighs less than 25kg
  • Install more easily, particularly in shallow soils and rocky material
  • Are more adaptable to slope applications and contour installations
  • Blend in with the landscape and are less obtrusive
  • Do not obstruct seed applications
  • May be removed or left in place following establishment of vegetation
Straw Wattles can also function as vegetative filters by promoting plant growth within the Straw Wattle.